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Take Control of your Energy Consumption
Foxpointsystems gives you remote control over lights, heating etc
  You can have a building management system in your building now
Foxpointsystems uses a unique technology that turns your wiring into a network for building management, giving you precise control over your energy devices


Foxpoint Systems can offer ultimate control over wasteful power consuming systems.  By using the unique Foxpoint system power consuming devices and circuits can be switched on and off and programmed,  without installing a dedicated building management system.  You can programme lights, heaters, office machines remotely and automatically without having to invest in a dedicated control system.

Foxpoint offer a complete building management system that can be controlled by a simple web based interface without the need for extensive modification to the buildings systems. It is clever enough to know the sunrise and sunset times as well as bank holidays.  Let Foxpoint systems control your power consumption.

Why take control over your energy?

Low-carbon and Power Saving has become part of the mainstream.

Legislative pressures are pushing carbon-cutting up the agenda for all types of organisations. Coupled with this is the Government-led demand for increased transparency of energy usage within its own departments and in UK boardrooms.

As new build construction slows and the UK continues to ‘make do’ with its existing building stock, the priority must be on retrofit technologies that improve energy efficiency.

A retrofit strategy enables you build on the investment you have already made in a building’s infrastructure by reducing the burden of capital investment. This is often the quickest way to unlocking immediate, tangible energy savings.

One of the most obvious indicators of your impact on the environment, and your wallet, is your energy bill. Leaving just one computer on standby can cost £35 a year.

Install a Foxpoint system and isolate the plug on your PCs, photocopiers and printers overnight. An average office wastes £6,000 each year by leaving equipment on over weekends and bank holidays.

It is increasingly common in the UK for offices to be fitted with air conditioning despite our chilly weather. In a typical office, air conditioning can account for over 30% of annual electricity consumption. A Foxpoint system will turn off all heating and air conditioning overnight when the office is not in use and restart it ready for the following day.

Remember,  Foxpoint Systems are easy to install and DO NOT require any building modification or installation of extra wiring and networks.